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Are you washing up in a bacterial soup?

On her Hygiene Doctor site, Dr Lisa Ackerly describes a survey carried out for the “Stop Washing Up” campaign to see what people got up to when they washed up. Key findings were:

  • Water was too cold to kill bacteria -most families were using lukewarm water!
  • Washing up bowls were contaminated with bacteria
  • 95% of scourers and sponges were disgusting – some even had E. coli on them!
  • 60% of tea towels were unsatisfactory – some also had E.coli on them
  • People use their sinks for cleaning all sorts of items – from dog bowls to football boots!

In the webpage she gives advice on how to wash up hygienically: http://www.thehygienedoctor.co.uk/are-you-washing-up-in-a-bacterial-soup/

Author: Dr Lisa Ackerley

Citation: http://www.thehygienedoctor.co.uk/are-you-washing-up-in-a-bacterial-soup/

Published: 14/08/2013

Publication Type: Webpage