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Should I eat at my Desk?

Dr Lisa Ackerley has carried out a number of surveys which have involved swabbing desks, keyboards and (computer) mice to look for bacteria on surfaces.  She says “ the things to watch out for are pathogens, such as E.coli O157, norovirus and cold and flu viruses, which can collect on surfaces if people carrying the organisms don’t wash their hands.  In this page of the hygiene doctor website she gives advice on hygiene in relation to storing and eating food in the office.  The advice can be found at http://www.thehygienedoctor.co.uk/should-i-eat-at-my-desk/


Author: Lisa Ackerley

Citation: http://www.thehygienedoctor.co.uk/should-i-eat-at-my-desk/

Published: 13/08/2013

Publication Type: Web Based Resource