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Every infection prevented means fewer antibiotics used – public engagement toolkit

In 2016, Public Health England (PHE) carried out a number of workshops with public-facing organisations to explore methods which could be used by these groups to engage the public on antibiotic resistance and the important part which the public plays in tackling the problem of antibiotic resistance.   From the findings of these workshops, PHE prepared a toolkit intended for use by such organisations in their work with community groups.

The aim of the toolkit is to provide PHE centres and voluntary organisations with a compilation of resources to improve public engagement on antimicrobial resistance 

The toolkit contains: key messages on AMR, frequently asked questions (FAQs), resources and examples of AMR related public engagement activities.

Resources include: posters, leaflets, quizzes and worksheets accessible via the internet.

Guidance on use of resources: Exhibiting resources at public events; distributing via e-mail, bulletins, newsletters, promoting resources and key messages via social media

sending resources to relevant groups, distributing to GP Patient Participation Groups, displaying posters and leaflets in public libraries 

Author: Public Health England

Download File: AMR Toolkit for Public Engagement April 2017.pdf

Published: 19/04/2017

Publication Type: Web Based Resource, Training

Publisher: Public Health England