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Towards better programming: a manual for hygiene promotion

This manual presents methodologies to assist development workers in the promotion of behavioural change for safer hygiene practices, and to help make hygiene promotion programmes more effective. The objective of the manual is to provide a tool that will contribute towards a reduction in diarrhoeal diseases – one of the top three killer diseases in developing countries – and thus a reduction in child mortality. The manual describes a methodology for bottom-up programming for hygiene promotion: finding out what people know about hygiene through formative research in people’s knowledge and practices, and then combining this with state-of-the-art expert knowledge and appropriate communication strategies to develop effective and sustainable programming models. The manual is accessible and jargon-free: its audience includes all professionals interested in the area of hygiene promotion. This manual was produced for UNICEF by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in co-operation with the Government of Burkina Faso.

Author: UNICEF

Published: 01/12/1999

Publication Type: Training, Care guideline, Best practice

Publisher: UNICEF