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Scientific Publications

This library is updated regularly with the most recent published articles, research etc on subject areas relevant to hygiene in home and everyday life, and hygiene issues including:

Disease Incidence

Studies on global and national incidence and prevalence of hygiene-related infectious diseases, and the factors which determine susceptibility to infection

Infection Transmission

Studies on the chain of infection transmission in the home and in every day life including sources, survival, spread and exposure to infectious disease agents

Hygiene Procedures

Studies of the effectiveness of hygiene procedures including hand and surface hygiene, laundry hygiene etc

Hygiene Intervention Studies

Studies of the impact of hygiene interventions on infectious disease rates

Promoting Behaviour Change

Studies of strategies used to bring about behaviour change

Microbial Resistance

Studies on the relationship between use of antimicrobial/antibacterial products and development of reduced susceptibility to  antimicrobials/antibiotics

Hygiene Hypothesis

Studies of the hygiene hypothesis and its implications for hygiene

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