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Webber Training teleclass: Are we too clean for our own good? - the hygiene hypothesis and its implications for public health

On April 24th Professor Sally Bloomfield gave a teleclass outlining the latest thinking on the, so called “Hygiene Hypothesis”. The presentation also explored the question “Can we have it both ways?” i.e how can we develop lifestyles, medical and public health strategies which reconnect us with the natural animal and environmental microbiota, whilst at the same time protecting against infectious diseases? The public-access recording and handout are available in the free-access Recordings Library at http://www.webbertraining.com/recordingslibraryc4.php

Author: Bloomfield SF

Citation: http://www.webbertraining.com/recordingslibraryc4.php

Published: 24/04/2014

Publication Type: Review

Publisher: IFH