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Perceptions of cleanliness, hygiene and hygiene issues – a survey of UK and US media coverage 1989 to 2017

The review covers 3 decades of media coverage about hygiene and cleanliness in home and everyday life, and the surrounding issues. In all 54 media articles published between 1999 and 2017 were analyzed together with consumer feedback, where available.  The review illustrates the considerable amount of inaccurate or misleading reporting of this issue and suggests it is a likely cause of public misunderstanding and mistrust about infection risks and the importance of hygiene. It also shows how inconsistent or misleading terminology is likely to have contributed to the confusion. Of concern is the fact that many of the inaccurate statements were included as “expert quotes”.  In the UK it is estimated that 84% of the adult population read a newspaper (either print or online).*



Author: Bloomfield SF

Download File: survey-20of-20media-20coverage-2014-4-18.docx

Published: 29/03/2018

Publication Type: Review