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Hygiene procedures in the home and their effectiveness: a review of the scientific evidence base (2008-updated 2013))

A review of the microbiological and epidemiological evidence on the effectiveness of hygiene (infection prevention and control) procedures in reducing the transmission of microbes in the home (domestic) environment. The evidence base was used in the development of IFH “Recommendations for the selection of hygiene procedures for use in the home”. The benefit derived from the application of a hygiene procedure depends not only on the effectiveness of the procedure but also the manner in which it is applied, which in turn depends on the knowledge and understanding of the person applying them. This document was prepared as a special project by the IFH. The document was updated in 2008, and again in 2013 by Professor SF Bloomfield. It was then submitted to the other members of the IFH Scientific Advisory Board comprising Professor M Exner, Professor G Fara, Professor KJ Nath and Dr EA Scott to discuss and develop the review and agree on final content.

Author: Beumer R, Bloomfield SF, Exner M, Fara GM, Nath KJ, Scott E

Download File: hygieneprocedures_22102013.docx

Published: 01/04/2013

Publication Type: Review, Best practice

Publisher: IFH