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Virus Transfer Proportions Between Gloved Fingertips, Soft Berries, and Lettuce, and Associated Health Risks

Verhaelen K, Bouwknegt M, Carratala A, Lodder-Verschoor F, Diez-Valcarce, Rodriguez-Lazaro D, De Roda Husman AM, Rutjes SA

Journal article


Enterococcus spp on Fomites and Hands Indicate Increased Risk of Respiratory Illness in Child Care Centres

Julian TR, Pickering AJ, Leckie JO, Boehm AB

Journal article


Outbreak of Escherichia Coli O157:H7 in a Child Care Center in Cook County, Illinois, with Prolonged Shedding and Household Transmission

Gallagher L, Soyemi K, Conover C, Austin C, Saathoff-Huber L, Nelson S, Chodoba M, Vernon M

Journal article


An International Survey of Bacterial Contamination and Householders' Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions of Hygiene

Oxford J, Berezin EN, Courvalin P, Dwyer D, Exner M, Jana LA, Kaku M, Lee C, Letlape K, Low DE, Mandani TA, Rubino JR, Saini N, Schoub BD, Signorelli C, Tierno PM, Zhong X

Journal article


Dishwashers are a Major Source of Human Opportunistic Yeast-Like Fungi in Indoor Environments in Mersin, Turkey

Dogen A, Kaplan E, Oksuz Z, Serin MS, Ilkit M, Sybren De Hoog G

Journal article


Dampness and Mould in Schools and Respiratory Symptoms in Children: The HITEA Study

Borràs-Santos A, Jacobs JH, Täubel M, Haverinen-Shaughnessy U, Krop EJ, Huttunen K, Hirvonen MR, Pekkanen J, Heederik DJ, Zock JP, Hyvärinen A.

Journal article


Investigation into the Prevalence, Persistence and Antibiotic Resistance Profiles of Staphylococci Isolated from Euro Currency

Gabriel EM, Coffey A, O'Mahony JM

Journal article


Natural Contamination of Human Hands with Enteric Parasites in Indian Subcontinent

Ijaz MK, Talukder KA, Aslam M, Haque R, Ganguly S, Azmi IJ, Hossain MS, Mukherjee AK, Raj D, Ahmed I, Kamal J, Rubino JR, Nur-E-Kamal A.

Journal article


Home Life: Factors Structuring the Bacterial Diversity Found Within and Between Homes

Dunn RR, Fierer N, Henley JB, Leff JW, Menninger HL

Journal article


A norovirus outbreak related to contaminated surfaces.

Repp, K. K., Hostetler, T. P., & Keene, W. E.

Journal article