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Detection and quantification of airborne norovirus during outbreaks in healthcare facilities

Laetitia Bonifait, Rémi Charlebois, Allison Vimont, Nathalie Turgeon, Marc Veillette, Yves Longtin, Julie Jean and Caroline Duchaine

Journal article


Household transmissibility of avian influenza a (H7N9) virus, China, February to May 2013 and October 2013 to March 2014.

Y Yang, Y Zhang, L Fang, M E Halloran, M Ma, S Liang, E Kenah, T Britton, E Chen, J Hu, F Tang, W Cao, Z Feng, I M Longini Jr

Journal article


Prevalence of Escherichia coli Carriage in the Oropharynx of Ambulatory Children and Adults with and without Upper Respiratory Symptoms

De Lastours V, Malosh RE, Aiello AE, Foxman B

Journal article


Characterization of fungal communities in house dust samples collected from central Portugal − a preliminary survey

Sousa AC, Almeida JR, Pereira CC, Ramiro Pastorinho M, Pereira ÂM, Nogueira AJ, Taborda-Barata L, Teixeira JP, Correia AC, Alves A

Journal article


The important role of sink location in handwashing compliance and microbial sink contamination.

Cloutman-Green E, Kalaycioglu O, Wojani H, Hartley JC, Guillas S, Malone D, Gant V, Grey C, Klein N

Journal article


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in public transportation vehicles (buses): Another piece to the epidemiologic puzzle.

Lutz, J. K., van Balen, J., Crawford, J. Mac, Wilkins III, J. R., Lee, Nava-Hoet, R. C., & Hoet, A. E.

Journal article


Ecological succession and viability of human-associated microbiota on restroom surfaces

Gibbons, S. M., Schwartz, T., Fouquier, J., Mitchell, M., Sangwan, N., Gilbert, J. A., & Kelley, S. T.

Journal article


Routine monitoring of adenovirus and norovirus within the health care environment

Pankhurst, L., Cloutman-Green, E., Canales, M., D’Arcy, N., & Hartley, J. C.

Journal article


Persistent environmental contamination with USA300 methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and other pathogenic strain types in households with S. aureus skin infections

Samantha J. Eells MPH, Michael Z. David MD PhD, Alexis Taylor MS, Nancy Ortiz MPH, Neha Kumar MD, Julia Sieth BS, Susan Boyle-Vavra PhD, Robert S. Daum MD CM and Loren G. Miller MD MPH

Journal article


Microbiological analysis of environmental samples collected from childcare facilities in North and South Carolina.

Li Y, Fraser A, Chen X, Cates S, Wohlgenant K, Jaykus LA

Journal article