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An expert panel report of a proposed scientific model demonstrating the effectiveness of antibacterial handwash products

Boyce JM, Dupont HL, Massaro J, Sack D, Schaffner DW

Journal article


Risk management for transmission of infection from inanimate surfaces in healthcare facilities

Deshaies F, Ahmad D, Massicotte R, Pichette G, Belhumeur P, Assanta MA

Journal article


Effect of disinfectants on clinically relevant bacteria under planktonic and biofilm conditions

Swift D, Dhyani R, Del Re D, Mair R, Ikeno C, Legner M, Cvitkovitch DG

Journal article


Comparison of Cleaning Efficacy Between in-use Disinfectant and Electrolysed Water in an English Residential Care Home

Meakin NS, Bowman C, Lewis MR, Dancer SJ

Journal article


Testing of the World Health Organization recommended formulations in their application as hygienic hand rubs and proposals for increased efficacy

Suchomel M, Kundi M, Pittet D, Weinlich M, Rotter ML

Journal article


Successful control of a norovirus outbreak among attendees of a hospital teaching conference

Vinnard C, Lee I, Linkin D

Journal article


Comparison of the Activity of Alcohol-Based Handrubs Against Human Noroviruses Using the Fingerpad Method and Quantitative Real-Time PCR

Liu P, Macinga DR, Fernandez ML, Zapka C, Hsiao HM, Berger B, Arbogast JW, Moe CL

Journal article


Disinfection alternatives for contact surfaces and toys at child care centers

Jimenez M, Martinez CI, Chaidez C

Journal article


Effectiveness of Liquid Soap and Hand Sanitizer against Norwalk Virus on Contaminated Hands

Liu P, Yuen Y, Hsiao HM, Jaykus LA, Moe C

Journal article


Poorly Cleaned Public Cruise Ship Restrooms May Predict Norovirus Outbreaks.

Carling P

Journal article