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PLoS (Public Library of Science)


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A systematic review and meta-analysis of the global seasonality of norovirus.

Journal article

Ahmed SM, Lopman BA, Levy K


Home Life: Factors Structuring the Bacterial Diversity Found Within and Between Homes

Journal article

Dunn RR, Fierer N, Henley JB, Leff JW, Menninger HL


The Use of Machine Learning Methodologies to Analyse Antibiotic and Biocide Susceptibility in Staphylococcus Aureus

Journal article

Coelho JR, Carriço JA, Knight D, Martínez JL, Morrissey I, Oggioni MR, Freitas AT.


Could Public Restrooms be an Environment for Bacterial Resistomes?

Journal article

Mkrtchyan HV, Russell CA, Wang N, Cutler RR


Setting Research Priorities to Reduce Mortality and Morbidity of Childhood Diarrhoeal Disease in the Next 15 Years

Journal article

Wazny K, Zipursky A, Black R, Curtis V, Duggan C.


Efficacies of sodium hypochlorite and quaternary ammonium sanitizers for reduction of norovirus and selected bacteria during ware-washing operations

Journal article

Feliciano L, Li J, Lee J, Pascall MA


Living with Cat and Dog Increases Vaginal Colonization with E. coli in Pregnant Women

Journal article

Stokholm J, Schjorring S, Pedersen L, Bischoff AL, Folsgaard N, Carson CG, Chawes B, Bonnelykke K, Molgaard A, Krogfelt KA, Bisgaard H


Contaminated small drinking water supplies and risk of infectious intestinal disease: a prospective cohort study

Journal article

Risebro HL, Breton L, Aird H, Hooper A, Hunter PR


Loss of sex and age driven differences in the gut microbiome characterize arthritis-susceptible 0401 mice but not arthritis-resistant 0402 mice

Journal article

Gomez A, Luckey D, Yeoman CJ, Marietta EV, Berg Miller ME, Murray JA, White BA, Taneja V


Microbial biogeography of public restroom surfaces

Journal article

Flores GE, Bates ST, Knights D, Lauber CL, Stombaugh J, Knight R, Fierer N