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Quantity and diversity of environmental microbial exposure and development of asthma: a birth cohort study

Journal article

Karvonen AM, Hyvärinen A, Rintala H, Korppi M, Täubel M, Doekes G, Gehring U, Renz H, Pfefferle PI, Genuneit J, Keski-Nisula L, Remes S, Lampi J, von Mutius E, Pekkanen J


Asthma and allergies: is the farming environment (still) protective in Poland? The GABRIEL Advanced Studies

Journal article

MacNeill SJ, Sozanska B, Danielewicz H, Debinska A, Kosmeda A, Boznanski A, Illi S, Depner M, Strunz-Lehner C, Waser M, Buchele G, Horak E, Genuneit J, Heederik D, Braun-Fahrländer C, von Mutius E, Cullinan P; GABRIELA study group


Triclosan exposure and allergic sensitization in Norwegian children

Journal article

Bertelsen RJ, Longnecker MP, Løvik M, Calafat AM, Carlsen KH, London SJ, Lødrup Carlsen KC


Environmental bacteria and childhood asthma

Journal article

Ege MJ, Mayer M, Schwaiger K, Mattes J, Pershagen G, van Hage M, Scheynius A, Bauer J, von Mutius E


Microbial Exposure, Interferon Gamma Gene Demethylation in Naïve T-cells, and the Risk of Allergic Disease.

Journal article

Vuillermin PJ, Ponsonby AL, Saffery R, et al


Mouse allergen exposure, wheeze and atopy in the first seven years of life.

Journal article

Phipatanakul W, Celedon JC, Hoffman EB, et al


Specific IgE to allergens in cord blood is associated with maternal immunity to Toxoplasma gondii and rubella virus.

Journal article

Ege MJ, Herzum I, Buchele G, et al


Infections presenting for clinical care in early life and later risk of hay fever in two UK birth cohorts.

Journal article

Bremner SA, Carey IM, DeWilde S, et al


Microbial content of drinking water in Finnish and Russian Karelia - implications for atopy prevalence.

Journal article

von Hertzen L, Laatikainen T, Pitkanen T


The association of hepatitis A and Helicobacter pylori with sensitization to common allergens, asthma and hay fever in a population of young British adults.

Journal article

Jarvis D, Luczynska C, Chinn S, et al