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The occurrence of Salmonella in raw and ready-to-eat bean-sprouts and sprouted-seeds on retail sale in England and Northern Ireland

Journal article

Sadler-Reeves, L., Aird, H., de Pinna, E., Elviss, N., Fox, A., Kaye, M., Jorgensen, F., Lane, C., Willis, McLauchlin, J.


Do high-touch surfaces in public spaces pose a risk for influenza transmission? A virologic study during the peak of the 2009 influenza A(H1N1) pandemic in Geneva, Switzerland

Journal article

von Braun, A., Thomas, Y., & Sax, H.


Review of human hand microbiome research.

Journal article

Edmonds-Wilson, S. L., Nurinova, N. I., Zapka, C. A., Fierer, N., & Wilson, M.


Humans differ in their personal microbial cloud

Journal article

Meadow, J. F., Altrichter, A. E., Bateman, A. C., Stenson, J., Brown, G. Z., Green, J. L., & Bohannan, B. J. M.


Aerosol-Transmitted Infections—a New Consideration for Public Health and Infection Control Teams

Journal article

Julian W. Tang, Peter Wilson, Nandini Shetty, Catherine J. Noakes


The ecology of microscopic life in household dust

Journal article

Albert Barberán, Robert R. Dunn, Brian J. Reich, Krishna Pacifici, Eric B. Laber, Holly L. Menninger, James M. Morton, Jessica B. Henley, Jonathan W. Leff, Shelly L. Miller, Noah Fierer


A decade of norovirus disease risk among older adults in upper-middle and high income countries: a systematic review.

Journal article

Lindsay, L., Wolter, J., De Coster, I., Van Damme, P., & Verstraeten, T.


Burden of norovirus in healthcare facilities and strategies for outbreak control.

Journal article

Kambhampati, A., Koopmans, M., & Lopman, B. A.


Contamination of the Hospital Environment From Potential Clostridium difficile Excretors Without Active Infection.

Journal article

Biswas JS, Patel A, Otter JA, van Kleef E, Goldenberg SD


E. coli from dishcloths as an indicator of hygienic status in households

Journal article

V. Keshav, A. Mathee, N. Naicker, A. Swart and T. G. Barnard