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Norovirus – homing in on the home. Released from the Science Media Centre January 4th 2008.

If the current outbreak of norovirus is to be contained before it spreads into offices and schools opening up for the New Year, it needs to be tackled at source – in the home. Norovirus infections are transmitted like wildfire from person to person around families and other community groups unless good hygiene is practised. The International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene advises that although rigorous handwashing is the single most important hygiene measure, with norovirus we need to realise that when someone vomits, large numbers of virus particles are aerosolised which then settle on surfaces throughout the home and can contaminate our hands if we touch them. To minimise the risks of infection by hand-to-mouth or hand-to-food contact, we need good hand hygiene coupled with regular disinfection of hand contact surfaces such as door handles, tap handles, toilet seats etc.

Author: Science Media Centre

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Published: 04/01/2008

Publication Type: Press release

Publisher: Science Media Centre