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Restoring confidence in Hygiene

This presentation was given by Dr Lisa Ackerley to the annual conference of the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (A.I.S.E), Brussels, Dec 2017. In this presentation Dr Ackerley takes a look at:

*      Why “hygiene” is so important - Infectious diseases are prevalent, cause suffering and cost money and resources

*      Why we have lost confidence in hygiene - why the hygiene hypothesis is a misleading misnomer- We are not “too clean”

*      What is Targeted hygiene? –  the  need to clean hygienically in  the right place and the right time

*      How targeted hygiene works to prevent infection

*      Why we do need disinfection at appropriate times in order to achieve “hygienic cleaning”

*      Why we need to better understand consumers in order to achieve behaviour change 

Author: Dr Lisa Ackerley

Download File: AISE Lisa Ackerley Dec21st 2017 for IFH (3).pdf

Published: 21/12/2017

Publication Type: Online Learning