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The 9 moments for hygiene – when cleanliness really matters

Hygiene practices which prevent spread of infectious diseases in our homes and everyday lives are a fundamental part of staying healthy. In this short YouTube we will show you that good hygiene is not about keeping our homes (or our workplaces or schools or public spaces) looking clean and free from dirt, it’s about what we do at the times in our daily lives when cleanliness really matters to prevent the spread of infection. This has come to be known as “targeted hygiene”

In recent years we have become aware that sustaining “healthy” contact with our microbial world is vital in order to sustain a healthy microbiome (ecosystem of microbes) in our gut, respiratory tract and on our skin. Failure to do this, as a result of lifestyle changes such as reduced contact with siblings, spending too little time outdoors etc,. is now being linked to a whole range of diseases such as allergies and other immune disorders.

This easy to watch informative video not only shows how to put targeted hygiene into practice to protect ourselves from infection, but also explains how targeted hygiene helps to ensure we still get exposure to essential microbes which we need to sustain health.


Author: IFH

Published: 14/12/2020

Publication Type: Online Learning