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Peer education on spread of infection and antibiotic resistance

Peer education resources produced by the e-bug team are designed to be used by school aged children to teach their peers about microbes, the spread of infection, and antibiotic resistance.

Peer education involves the teaching of others by their peers. The basis of peer education is that the teacher and student are equals, with similar backgrounds, as oppose to the traditional teacher/student relationship. e-Bug have developed peer education resources whereby students teach other students. Peer Education is becoming an increasingly popular educational tool, both in schools and the community, due to the benefits for all involved. By teaching others, students gain a deeper understanding of the topics covered and have increased knowledge in the area. Students taught by their peers can identify with their educator, which allows the development of positive relationships and a greater level of trust between teacher and student.

The following resources are available:
School Peer Education resource pack outlines how the workshops can be run by schools.
Environmental Health Peer Education resource pack outlines how the workshops can be run by Environmental Health departments.
Science Show Peer Educator manual informs peer educators on how to deliver the science show to their peers.
Antibiotic Peer Education lesson plan on antibiotics can be run in school and adapted for students aged 11 and up.
Find out more about peer education below and download the resources.


Author: e-bug

Published: 01/11/2016

Publication Type: Online Learning, Web Based Resource

Publisher: e-bug