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IFH Newsletter December 2009

In November 2009, IFH completed its 12th year of operation. One of our initiatives this year has been to update our original 1997 keynote review. From this review of the evidence, the IFH Scientific Board concluded “Epidemiological and microbiological data suggest an a priori need for an improvement in hygiene awareness and hygiene practices in the home”. Our new 2009 paper entitled “The global burden of hygiene-related diseases in relation to the home and community” shows clearly that, since 1997, there have been significant changes, which indicate that the need to address the issue of home and community hygiene is increasing rather then decreasing.

Author: Bloomfield SF

Download File: IFH newsheet Dec 2009_0802.pdf

Published: 08/02/2010

Publication Type: Newsletter

Publisher: IFH