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W. Evaluation of the decontamination efficacy of new and reprocessed microfiber cleaning cloth compared with other commonly used cleaning cloths in the hospital

The aim of this study was to investigate the decontamination capacity of 4 different types of cleaning cloths (microfibre cleaning cloth, cotton cloth, sponge cloth, and disposable paper towels) commonly used in hospital in their ability to reduce microbial loads from a surface used dry or wet in new condition. All of the cloths except disposable paper towels were also compared after 10 and 20 times of reprocessing, respectively, at 90 degrees C for 5 minutes in a washing machine. Microfibre cloths showed the best results when being used in new condition. However, after multiple reprocessing, cotton cloth showed the best overall efficacy. The study results suggest that the choice of the cleaning utilities should be based on their decontamination efficacy after several reprocessings and recommend the establishment of strict and well-defined cleaning and disinfection protocols. Am J Infect Control. 2010;38(4):289-92. Epub 2010 Jan 31.

Author: Diab-Elschahawi M, Assadian O, Blacky A, et al

Published: 01/01/2010

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: American Journal of Infection Control.