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Virucidal activity of 2 alcohol-based formulations proposed as hand rubs by the World Health Organization

The virucidal activity of 2 hand rubs proposed by the World Health Organization was studied in a quantitative suspension test for chemical disinfectants and antiseptics in human medicine (EN 14476). These formulations are recommended if no hand rubs with declared microbiological activity are available in healthcare settings. Formulation I, based on ethanol, inactivated bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), adenovirus, and murine norovirus as a surrogate for human norovirus. Formulation II, based on isopropyl alcohol, was active only against adenovirus and enveloped viruses, such as BVDV and HCV. Both formulations failed to inactivate poliovirus by 4 log(10) steps within 300 seconds. Am J Infect Control. 2010;38(1):66-8. Epub 2009 Nov 8.

Author: Steinmann J, Becker B, Bischoff B, et al

Published: 01/01/2010

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: American Journal of Infection Control.