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Trends in indigenous foodborne disease and deaths, England and Wales.

This paper gives revised estimates on indigenous foodborne disease (IFD) in England and Wales during 1992-2000 collated by the Public Health Laboratory Service. The annual cases of infectious intestinal disease (IID) stand at around 10 million, but the estimated number of food poisoning cases has dropped, because some circumstances/organisms were excluded from the calculations. In 1992, there were nearly 3 million cases of foodborne infection, with over 21000 hospital admissions and almost 1000 deaths. However, in 2000, despite the reported cases halving to approx. 1.3 million, the proportion of severe food poisoning cases (i.e. required hospital treatment) had risen. The number of cases caused by Norwalk-like viruses and Campylobacter increased by 125% and 45% respectively. Gut 2002;51:832-842.

Author: Adak GK, Long SM, O’Brien

Published: 01/01/2002

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: BMJ