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Reduction of Clostridium difficile and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus contamination of environmental surfaces after an intervention to improve cleaning methods.

During a 6-week period commonly touched surfaces (i.e. bedrails, telephones, call buttons, door knobs, toilet seats, and bedside tables) were cultured in rooms of patients with CDAD and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) colonization or infection before and after housekeeping cleaning, and again after disinfection with 10% bleach. Of the 17 rooms of patients with VRE colonization or infection, 16 (94%) had one or more positive environmental cultures before cleaning versus 12 (71%) after housekeeping cleaning, whereas none had positive cultures after bleach disinfection by the research staff. Of the nine rooms of patients with CDAD, 100% had positive cultures prior to cleaning versus seven (78%) after housekeeping cleaning, whereas only one (11%) had positive cultures after bleach disinfection. After an educational intervention, rates of environmental contamination after housekeeping cleaning were significantly reduced. American Journal of Infection Control 2007;35:315-8.

Author: Dubberke ER, Reske KA, Noble-Wang J, Thompson A, Killgore G, Mayfield J, Camins B, Woeltje K, McDonald JR, McDonald LC, Fraser VJ

Published: 01/01/2007

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: American Journal of Infection Control.