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Occurrence of faecal contamination in households along the US–Mexico border.

The study aim was to determine the presence of total and faecal coliforms on kitchen surfaces, in tap water and on the hands of caregivers in households on both sides of the US–Mexico border. Samples were collected in 135 randomly selected households. Different surfaces in the kitchen and head of households’ hands were sampled using sterile cotton swabs moistened in D/E neutralizing solution. Sponge/dishcloth and drinking water samples were also obtained. Total and faecal coliforms were enumerated on m-Endo LES and mFC respectively. Total coliforms and Escherichia coli in drinking water samples were enumerated in accordance with the Quanti-TrayTM method. The results allowed us to conclude that hand washing should be emphasized, and additional interventions should be directed to specific kitchen areas, such as sponges/dishcloths, tables/countertops and cutting boards. Letters in Applied Microbiology 2008;46:682-7.

Author: Carrasco L, Mena KD, Mota LC, Ortiz M, Behravesh CM, Gibbs SG

Published: 01/06/2008

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Letters in applied microbiology