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Monitoring progress of the role of integration of environmental health education with water and sanitation services in changing community behaviours.

The study was carried out in four districts in Upper Egypt. Interventions included hardware interventions which comprised provision of safe drinking water through small-scale water supply systems and double-pit pour flush latrines (PFL) as a low-cost approach to disposal of human waster. Software interventions comprised integrating hygiene promotion and environmental awareness-related intervention for demand generation and desired behavioural change, national advocacy, information and capacity building. The study showed that integrated water, sanitation and hygiene health education can produce significant and sustainable improvements in household behaviours. Journal of Hospital Infection 2007;65:1-8.

Author: Metwally AM, Saad A, Ibrahim NA, Emam HM, El-Etreby LA

Published: 01/01/2007

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: International Journal of Environmental Health Research