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The microbiological quality of washing-up water and the environment in domestic and commercial kitchens

The temperature of washing-up water and bacterial quality of the water, dishcloths, tea towels and other surfaces was determined following meal preparation by people without food safety training in their own kitchen or by trained staff in a commercial kitchen. This study reinforces the message that bacteria can survive and spread in the home during and after high-risk practices such as food preparation. For example, Campylobacter and Salmonella were found in 96% and 13% respectively of the raw chickens used in the meal preparation. In domestic kitchens, 2 of 45 sponges/dishcloths/scourers and 1 of 32 hand/tea-towels were contaminated with Campylobacter after washing-up and cleaning. Campylobacter was detected in 1 of 10 washing-up water samples from the commercial kitchen. J. Appl Microbiol 2003;94:842-848.

Author: Mattick K, Durham K, Hendrix M, Slader J, Griffith C, Sen M, Humphrey T

Published: 01/01/2003

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Journal of Applied Microbiology