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Microbiological performance of a water treatment unit designed for household use in developing countries.

Following a national survey indicating widespread faecal contamination of drinking water in Indian cities, a point-of-use water treatment unit was developed, which combines filtration and disinfection, does not require power or water pressure and has an operating cost of Rs. 0.25 (US$0.0057) per litre. This study assessed the microbiological performance of the unit in the laboratory over the full 1500 l design life of the unit's consumable components. Geometric mean reductions for the units were more than 6 logs (99.9999%) for bacteria, more than 7 logs (99.99999%) for viruses and more than 3 logs (99.9%) for the test surrogate for protozoan cysts. Trop Med Int Health. 2006;11(9):1399-405.

Author: Clasen T, Nadakatti S, Menon S

Published: 01/09/2006

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Tropical Medicine and International Health