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Microbiological and observational analysis of cross contamination risks during domestic food preparation.

The use of an observational approach in conjunction with isolation techniques for campylobacter and salmonella detection has facilitated a detailed evaluation of the risk of cross contamination during food preparation. Identification of suspected exposure routes has linked naturally contaminated raw foods with important food-handling malpractices, contaminated contact surfaces and ready-to-eat foods. In a model domestic kitchen, 29 per cent of food preparation sessions resulted in positive campylobacter isolations from prepared salads, cleaning materials and food-contact surfaces. Typing results showed that specific campylobacter strains isolated from prepared chicken salads were the same as the strains isolated from the raw chicken pieces, indicating microbial transfer during food preparation. British Food Journal. 106: 581-597.

Author: Redmond EG, Griffith C J, Slader J, Humphrey T

Published: 01/01/2004

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: British Food Journal