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Microbial contamination in home laundry operations in Japan.

The home-laundering situation in Japan is unique among many countries as leftover bath water is used for laundering the next day. However, such a unique custom may cause household microbial transmission. A bacteriological investigation of various articles was carried out to clarify the link between the microbial transmission and the home laundering operation. Staphylococcus spp. were isolated from every sample of children&;s underwear, bath towels, kitchen rags, washing machine and leftover bath water. Although pathogenic bacteria were not detected, some opportunistic pathogens were detected. Since many bacteria were isolated from bath water, home-laundering with used bath water may cause microbial contamination of the laundry. Biocontrol Science (Japan) 2003;8(1):9-18.

Author: Tabata A, Zhang D, Maeda T, Nagamune H, Kourai H

Published: 01/01/2003

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Biocontrol Science