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Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and skin infections among personnel at a pediatric clinic.

Ambulatory care visits for MRSA infections are increasing dramatically. This study investigated a paediatric clinic worker&;s death caused by MRSA. Among 45 clinic personnel, 16 reported recent skin infections, and 4% were colonised with MRSA. Among 262 patients, 3.4% were colonised with MRSA. Eight (11%) of 71 environmental swipes contained S aureus. Healthcare workers in outpatient settings are increasingly exposed to substantial numbers of persons with MRSA, and infection control practices in the ambulatory care setting deserve reemphasis. Am J Infect Control. 2008;36(9):665-7.

Author: Carpenter LR, Kainer M, Woron A, et al

Published: 01/11/2008

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: American Journal of Infection Control.