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It does last! Some findings from a multi-country study of hygiene sustainability.

This paper report a study of hygiene behaviour after a time elapse of one or more years following a hygiene promotion programme in Ghana, India, Uganda, Nepal Kenya and Sri Lanka. Hygiene aspects studied were handwashing (when and how), latrine use and maintenance and household hygiene (water storage, environmental cleanliness and covering food). Hygiene behaviour was sustained, but the extent to which this occurred depended on a number of variables such as the intensity of the programme, whether it was a one-to-one intervention etc. The authors concluded that continued access to services (water and sanitation) is not enough to sustain hygiene behaviour; it is the “software” aspects which are more important. Hygiene promotion should not be a low-visibility add-on. Sustained behaviour only results from giving high priority and adequate resources to hygiene promotion. Waterlines 2004;22:4-7.

Author: Cairncross S, Shordt K

Published: 01/01/2004

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Waterlines