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Incidence of Listeria spp in domestic refrigerators in Portugal.

A study of domestic refrigerators in Portugal showed that Listeria mononcytogenes was present in 3/68 refrigerators investigated. L. grayi and L. inoccua were isolated from four and one refrigerators, respectively. Approximately 78% of refrigerators were operating at temperatures >6.1 degrees C, 87% were cleaned only monthly or less frequently, and only 8% were cleaned with appropriate proprietary cleaning products available in local supermarkets. The survey demonstrates the need for education regarding safe food handling practices. Food Control 2005;16:121-4.

Author: Azvedo I, Regalo M, Mena C, Almeda G, Carneiro L, Teixeira P, Hogg T, Gibbs PA

Published: 01/01/2005

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Food Contol