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The impact of a school-based safe water and hygiene programme on knowledge and practices of students and their parents: Nyanza Province, western Kenya, 2006

A school-based safe water and hygiene intervention was carried out in 45 rural primary schools in Nyanza Province , western Kenya . A CDC team surveyed 390 students from nine schools and their parents at baseline and conducted a final evaluation of 363 students and their parents. From baseline to final evaluation, improvement was seen in students' knowledge of correct water treatment procedure (21-65%) and knowing when to wash their hands. At final evaluation, 14% of parents reported currently treating their water, compared with 6% at baseline (P<0.01). From 2004-2005, school absenteeism in the September-November term decreased in nine project schools by 35% and increased in nine neighbouring comparison schools by 5%. Epidemiology and infection 2007;1-12.

Author: O'Reilly CE, Freeman MC, Ravani M, Migele J, Mwaki A, Ayalo M, Ombeki S, Hoekstra RM

Published: 01/01/2007

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Epidemiology and Infection