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Hard to handle: understanding mothers' handwashing behaviour in Ghana.

A national survey of Ghanaian mothers, found that as few as 4% of mothers engaged in handwashing with soap after defecation, and only 2% after cleaning a child&;s bottom. In a multivariate analysis, the determinants of handwashing at these key junctures, with and without soap were examined. After defecation, mother&;s education, knowledge of important times to handwash with soap, the age of her children, and a measure of the quality of child care were all associated with handwashing. Only the latter two variables also predicted soap use amongst handwashers. After cleaning a child&;s bottom, education, knowledge of important times to handwash with soap, and child care quality were associated with handwashing yet only one variable, a measure of disgust sensitivity, showed any relationship with soap use. Health Policy Plan. 2007;22(4):216-24. Epub 2007 May.

Author: Scott BE, Lawson DW, Curtis V

Published: 01/05/2007

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Health Policy and Planning