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The First Global Patient Safety Challenge “Clean Care is Safer Care”: from launch to current progress and achievements.

To meet the goal of ensuring patient safety across healthcare settings around the globe, the World Health Organization launched the World Alliance for Patient Safety in October 2004. Several initiatives have been undertaken to raise global awareness and to obtain country commitment to support action on this issue. The new Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care have been issued in draft form. An implementation strategy is proposed therein to provide solutions to overcome obstacles to improvement in compliance with hand hygiene practices, together with a range of practical tools. Journal of Hospital Infection 2007; 65 (Suppl 2): 115-23.

Author: Allegranzi B, Storr J, Dziekan G, Leotsakos A, Donaldson L, Pittet D

Published: 01/01/2007

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Journal of Hospital Infection