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Feasibility of national surveillance of health-care–associated infections in home care settings.

This article examines the rationale and strategies for surveillance of health-care-associated infections in home-care settings, the challenges of non hospital-based surveillance, and the feasibility of developing a national surveillance system. Home care is often provided by family members who have little or no formal health-care training, which may place patients at increased risk of health care-associated infections not typically seen in hospitals. In the home-care setting, patients with open wounds or central venous catheters may undertake activities of daily living that may increase the risk of infections. A national system for surveillance of health care-associated infections in home care would provide useful data on incidence and types of infections and simplify identification of risk factors for infection and development of national benchmarks for comparing infection rates. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2002;8(3):233-236.

Author: Manangan LP, Pearson ML, Tokars JI, Miller E, Jarvis WR

Published: 01/01/2002

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Emerging Infectious Diseases