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Evaluation of liquid and fog application of Sterilox(R) hypochlorous acid solution (HOCl) for surface inactivation of human norovirus.

The study were to evaluated the efficacy of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) solution (HAS) against norovirus (NV). Exposing virus-contaminated carriers of ceramic tile (porous) and stainless steel (non-porous) to 200-20 ppm of HOCl solution resulted in >/=99.9 % (>/=3 log10) reductions of both infectivity and RNA titer within 10 min. HOCl fogged in a confined space reduced the infectivity and RNA titers of NV, MNV-1 and MS2 on these carriers by at least 99.9% (3 log10). Applied Environmental Microbiology 2007;May 4.

Author: Park GW, Boston DM, Kase JA, Sampson MN, Sobsey MD

Published: 04/05/2007

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Applied and Environmental Microbiology