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The effect of a comprehensive handwashing program on absenteeism in elementary schools.

The study looked at the effectiveness of a comprehensive handwashing programme on absenteeism, with 290 students from 5 schools taking part. Each test classroom had an alcohol-based hand gel and received an educational programme (talk on the importance of handwashing and a video on micro-organisms and disease transmission). Data on absenteeisms was collected for 3 months, and the number of absenteeisms was 50% lower in the test group than the control group. This study highlights the importance of hand hygiene in the school setting, but children may also take their learnings back into the family home too. American Journal of Infection Control 2002;30:217-20.

Author: Guinan M

Published: 01/01/2002

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: American Journal of Infection Control.