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Consumer food handling in the home: a review of food safety studies.

Following an extensive search, unpublished and published literature found on consumer food safety studies was examined according to social cognitive components, observed behaviour and food safety findings. Only studies that assessed individual consumers and targeted consumer groups were included in the review. This reports the findings from a review of 88 consumer food safety studies carried out in the last 25 years. The studies used a variety of survey techniques such as questionnaires, interviews, direct observation, and focus groups. The use of the various methods has resulted in differences in the findings on food safety behaviour of consumers. It is suggested that observational data provides the most reliable information on how consumers actually behave. Journal of Food Protection 2003;66:130-161.

Author: Redmond EC, Griffith C

Published: 01/01/2003

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Journal of Food Protection