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Consumer exposure to biocides--identification of relevant sources and evaluation of possible health effects

Products containing biocides are used for a variety of purposes in the home environment. To assess potential health risks, data on products containing biocides were gathered by means of a market survey, exposures were estimated using a worst case scenario approach (screening), the hazard of the active components were evaluated, and a preliminary risk assessment was conducted. Numerous consumer products were found to contain biocides. However, it appeared that only a limited number of biocidal active substances or groups of biocidal active substances were being used. The study results led to the conclusion that exposure to biocides from household products may contribute to induction of sensitisation in the population. The use of biocides in consumer products should be carefully evaluated. Detailed risk assessments will become available within the framework of the EU Biocides Directive. Environ Health. 2010;9:7.

Author: Hahn S, Schneider K, Gartiser S, et al

Published: 01/07/2010

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Environmental health