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Comparison of the Virucidal Efficiency of Peracetic Acid, Potassium Monopersulfate and Sodium Hypochlorite on Hepatitis A and Enteric Cytopathogenic Bovine Orphan Virus

Aims: The virucidal activity of peroxy-products was evaluated and compared with sodium hypochlorite using the EN 14675 European suspension test and a surface test developed in our laboratory. The classical approach on infectivity of viruses was complemented with a prospective approach on virus genomes.

Methods and Results: Both infectivity tests were adapted and/or developed to determine the activity of disinfectants against reference bovine enterovirus type 1 [enteric cytopathogenic bovine orphan virus (ECBO)] and resistant hepatitis A virus (HAV) in conditions simulating practical use. Similar concentrations of active chlorine were virucidal against both viruses, either at 0_062% using the suspension test or at 0_50–1% using the surface test.

However, for potassium monopersulfate and peracetic acid products, concentrations  of approximately three times (3%) to 72 times (9%) higher were necessary against HAV than ECBO when determined with the suspension test. With the surface test, 4–8% peroxy-products were virucidal against HAV, either 16 times more peroxy-products concentrations than against ECBO. No significant impact on the targeted area of the viral genome measured by real-time RT-PCRs was obtained for ECBO and HAV suspensions treated with disinfectants, even with doses higher than the minimal virucidal concentrations.

Conclusions: Sodium hypochlorite, but not peroxy-products, had similar activity against ECBO and HAV. No relation could be established between infectivity tests and genome destruction.

Significance and Impact of the Study: This is the first comparative study that investigates with novel suspension and surface tests the reduction of infectivity and genome destruction of two resistant viruses by peroxy-compounds. The results and conclusions collected with European standards are discussed.

Author: Martin H, Soumet C, Fresnel R, Morin T, Lamaudière S, Le Sauvage AL, Deleurme K, Maris P

Citation: Journal of Applied Microbiology ISSN 1364-5072, doi:10.1111/jam.12297

Published: 01/08/2013

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Journal of Applied Microbiology