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The association of hepatitis A and Helicobacter pylori with sensitization to common allergens, asthma and hay fever in a population of young British adults.

Previous infection with hepatitis A and Helicobacter pylori was assessed in a community-based sample of young British adults and associations with serum-specific IgE to environmental allergens, asthma-like symptoms and hay fever were examined. There was no evidence that infection with hepatitis A or H. pylori was associated with lower levels of IgE sensitisation, asthma or hay fever except for a single finding of a negative association of H. pylori infection with grass sensitisation. Allergy. 2004;59(10):1063.

Author: Jarvis D, Luczynska C, Chinn S, et al

Published: 01/01/2004

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: Allergy