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MRSA Action UK - Advice for those affected by MRSA outside of hospital

MRSA Action UK is an organisation which is working to raise public awareness, campaign for safe standards and support sufferers and dependents.

The website http://mrsaactionuk.net/index.html contains information to help consumers understand MRSA and other healthcare associated infections. It is designed to answer some of the questions patients, the public and those who come into contact with people who are vulnerable to illness from healthcare associated infections often ask. It also discusses the diagnosis and treatment of MRSA.  

A simple advice leaflet called “Advice for those affected by MRSA outside of hospital” is available to download from: http://mrsaactionuk.net/publicationsIS/20111114MRSA%20Advice.pdf

Author: MRSA Action UK

Published: 17/11/2011

Publication Type: Hygiene Advice Sheet

Publisher: MRSA Action UK