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Cleaning to reduce the risk of H1N1 influenza virus at home

Swine flu is a new version of the H1N1 strain of influenza type A. Most people do not have immunity to it and may become ill or even die. This brochure prepared by the Simmons Centre for Hygiene and Health, Boston, USA, reviews the current recommendations to clean your home to reduce contamination in the event of an outbreak of H1N1 or seasonal flu: http://www.simmons.edu/hygieneandhealth/H1N1%20cleaning%20again%20brochure.pdf

Author: Simmons Centre for Hygiene and Health, Boston, USA

Citation: http://www.simmons.edu/hygieneandhealth/H1N1%20cleaning%20again%20brochure.pdf

Published: 15/08/2013

Publication Type: Hygiene Advice Sheet