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Safe water in the home: household water treatment and safe storage

Globally, poor water quality poses a major threat to human health.

This leaflet has been put together to provide background information on waterborne infectious diseases and the methods which can be used in order to treat domestic water to make it, and keep it, safe for drinking during home storage.

This briefing material has been produced for healthcare professions, the media and others who are looking for background understanding and/or are responsible for informing the public about infectious diseases in the home and their prevention through good hygiene practice.

The hygiene practice advice given in this document is taken from the IFH/IPS training resource: HOME HYGIENE IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: prevention of infection in the home and peridomestic setting.

Author: International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene

Download File: Safe_water_in_the_home_HWTS.doc

Published: 01/01/2015

Publication Type: Factsheet

Publisher: IFH