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Impetigo: prevention by good hygiene at home

Impetigo is a common, highly infectious, skin infection. It is usually not serious but can be uncomfortable and irritating. Good hygiene can help to reduce the risk of spread of infection.

This briefing material has been produced for those who work in healthcare professions, the media and others who are looking for background understanding of hygiene and hygiene issues and/or those who are responsible for providing guidance to the public on how to reduce the risks of spread of impetigo in their homes.

The hygiene practice advice given in this document is taken from the IFH/IPS training resource: HOME HYGIENE – prevention of infection at home: a training resource for carers and their trainers.

Author: International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene

Download File: Impetigo_prevention_by_good_hygiene_at_home.doc

Published: 01/01/2013

Publication Type: Factsheet

Publisher: IFH