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Developing Hygiene Practice for the Home – the IFH Risk-Based Approach to Home Hygiene (Targeted Hygiene)

This leaflet has been put together to provide a summary of the IFH targeted approach to home hygiene - what do we mean by targeted hygiene and what does it involve?

This briefing material has been produced for those who work in healthcare professions, the media and others who are looking for some background understanding of hygiene and/or those who are responsible for providing guidance to the public on coping with hygiene.

The evidence base which was used for development of this document is summarised in the following IFH review documents: The infection potential in the home and the role of hygiene practice in reducing infection, The effectiveness of hand hygiene procedures in reducing risks of infections in home and community settings including handwashing and alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Targeted hygiene is about identifying the key routes for infection transmission and targeting hygiene interventions in these places at times when it matters. eg handwashing after toilet visits and before handling food. Targeted hygiene makes sense, in that it offers the means to address issues such as the so-called hygiene hypothesis because it maximises protection against infectious microbes, whilst otherwise allowing normal exposure to the largely non-harmful microbes which are important for building a diverse "microbiome" in and on our bodies which can reduce risks of other diseases such as allergies.

Author: International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene

Download File: Developing_home_hygiene_practice_targeted_hygiene.doc

Published: 25/01/2015

Publication Type: Factsheet

Publisher: IFH