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Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection – what you can do to protect yourself against infection – and how to make sure you do not spread infection to others

This advice sheet covers 3 situations in which you may find yourself

1. If you are infected, or have an unidentified respiratory infection, or have been in contact with an infected person - or you are living with someone in these categories

2. If you are in an “at risk” or “vulnerable group or you are living with someone in these categories

3. If your are well but including if your  daily life involves travelling to, or being in, places where there are large numbers of people,

here are the things you should do to comply with government rules for “social distancing", and hygiene advice to reduce your risk of becoming infected, and spreading infection to other people



Author: IFH

Download File: 10-9-20coronavirus advice-IFH.doc

Published: 10/02/2020

Publication Type: Factsheet

Publisher: IFH