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Cleaning and disinfecting electronic devices

Commonly touched and shared electronics, such as touch screens, remote controls, mobile phones  and the keyboards of shared computers, need frequent cleaning and disinfection. This is particularly important in schools (where students regularly attend “computer labs”) and healthcare settings (where electronic medical records are becoming the norm), but also in the home, especially during cold and flu season.  This piece by Dr Joan Rose gives advice on how to reduce microbial contamination on electronic devices   It gives basic directions for cleaning and disinfecting. See more at: http://www.waterandhealth.org/cleaning-disinfecting-electronic-devices/#sthash.KO6qCIr4.dpuf

Author: Rose J

Citation: http://www.waterandhealth.org/cleaning-disinfecting-electronic-devices/

Published: 08/02/2014

Publication Type: Factsheet