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Sept 20th: Beat the Bugs – new interactive resource for learning about hygiene in home and everyday life

e-Bug and Kingfisher Treasure Seekers have just released a six week community hygiene course called Beat the Bugs. The course aims to increase awareness and change behaviour around hygiene and antibiotic use. The course is designed to be delivered by community groups for community groups and comprises of six fun, visual and interactive sessions covering: an introduction to microbes, hand and respiratory hygiene, food hygiene, oral hygiene, antibiotics and a final session on self-care and action planning for the future.

It is suitable for a range of community groups including adult’s with learning difficulties and younger audiences such as girl guiding, scouts, and youth groups.

Visit www.e-Bug.eu/Beat-The-Bugs to download the course or email e-Bug@phe.gov.uk to hear about free Beat the Bugs training.